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Tenant FAQ

Why am I charged a $50 application fee?

  • This fee is used to pay for the criminal check, credit check, previous rental history check, and to verify your employment and income.
  • It also covers office administration costs associated with processing your application.

Who do I call in the event of an emergency?

  • During normal business hours: Monday-Friday (8:30-5:30) Please call 866-841-4132
  • After normal business hours please call 541-387-5100 and a John L Scott Representative will contact you.

What is considered an emergency?

  • An emergency can best be defined as a hazardous electrical situation, fire, and any other condition which could bring harm to either the resident or the property.
  • A gas leak is an emergency and you should call the Gas Company immediately.
  • A downed power line is an emergency and you should call the Power Company immediately.

What is NOT considered an emergency?

  • Plugged drains, sinks, toilets, and showers are NOT considered emergencies unless they are causing the house to flood.
  • A broken washing machine, dryer, hot water heater, refrigerator, range, or dishwasher is NOT considered an emergency.

What if one of my utilities has been turned off?

  • If your gas, power, or water is off you need to contact the appropriate utility company.

What if I need an ambulance, the police, or the fire department?

  • If you have an emergency requiring one or more of the above please call 911 for they will be better suited to help you then we can.
  • If your house is on fire call 911, FIRST, and then contact John L Scott Property Management.

What if my water pipes break?

  • If you have a broken water pipe you should turn the water off at the main to prevent flooding.
  • Contact John L Scott Property Management to arrange for the pipe to fixed.

How do I know where the shut off is for the gas or water in my rented property?

  • When you move-in you will be given a list stating the location of the various shut of valves if applicable.

What if my application is not successful for renting a property?

  • We keep records of all applications for up to 6 months.
  • During the 6 month period you will not need to pay another application fee to apply to rent one of our listed properties.