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Tenant Responsibilities

As a tenant, you must take reasonable care of the rented property and common areas.  This means that the tenant must keep all areas of the property in good condition.  A tenant must also repair all damages that he or she causes, or that is caused by the Tenant(s), Tenant’s family, Guest(s), employee(s), or pet(s). In the event that the tenant is faced with a repair that he or she did not cause or has no control over, tenant must report maintenance issues with the property.


1. Tenant must provide landlord’s agent with official RECEIPTS and/or written proof of utility change over before receiving keys to property.

2. To keep said Premises in a clean and sanitary condition.

3. To properly dispose of rubbish, garbage, and waste in a clean and sanitary manner at reasonable and regular intervals and to pay all costs of extermination and fumigation for infestation caused by the Tenant.

4. To properly use and operate all electrical, gas, heating, plumbing facilities, fixtures, and appliances.

5. To not destroy, deface, damage, impair, or remove any part of the Premises, its appurtenances, facilities, equipment, furniture, furnishings, and appliances, nor to permit any member of his family, invitee, licensee, or other person to do so, The Tenant is responsible for any damage or loss.

6. The Tenant is responsible for any direct or indirect damages to the Premises and for the cost of repair caused by the Tenant, the Tenant’s family, guest(s), employee(s), or pet(s). Such damage will be considered additional rent due and will be payable within thirty (30) days from the date of submission of a bill to the Tenant by the Landlord.

7. Not to permit any nuisance or commit any waste.

8. To not interfere with any other tenants’ or neighbors’ quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their respective areas, nor to permit any guest, invitee, licensee, or other person to do so. Such prohibited interference includes, but is not limited to, excessive noise, late night or early morning noise, excessive vibration, obnoxious odors, rowdy behavior, and rude, obnoxious, obscene, disgusting language, behavior, or window or door displays.

9. Tenant shall not, himself/herself, nor allow any other person to, grow, propagate, cultivate, harvest or develop marijuana or marijuana-containing products in the leased Premises or on the grounds of the property where the leased Premises are located.

10. No automobile, truck, motorcycle, trailer, or other such vehicles shall be parked on the property without current license plates and said vehicles must be in operating condition. Such vehicles may be parked in the driveway or other designated parking area, if provided, or in the street. Not to keep any derelict or inoperative motor vehicles on or about the Premises upon which the subject rental unit is located. Not to perform any motor vehicle maintenance or repair work upon his own vehicle and not to perform any motor vehicle maintenance or repair work of any kind on any vehicle on the property.

11. Tenant shall comply at all times with all rules and regulations regarding the Premises that have been properly published to Tenant by Landlord.


Rule 1 Smoke Detectors: Tenants are responsible for replacement of smoke detector batteries and testing all smoke detectors at least very six (6) months and must report in writing if any detector is not working. Disabling a smoke detector is considered a reckless and dangerous action. There will be a $50 fine for disabling or removing a smoke detector the first time it is discovered. Any subsequent tampering, disabling, or removing of any smoke detector, fire extinguisher, or other fire prevention device will result in immediate termination of tenancy.

Rule 2 Noise: Tenants are entitled to quiet enjoyment of the premises. All city and county noise ordinances are to be obeyed. Any noise or sound that disturbs the quiet enjoyment of neighbors or other Tenants may be considered a lease violation. Music instruments, stereos, TVs, amplifiers, etc. shall be operated at levels that do not disturb the quiet enjoyment of neighbors or other Tenants at any hour, but particularly before 7am and after 10pm.

Rule 3 Parking: Automobiles are to be parked in designated spaces only. If no space is designated, autos should be parked in an orderly manner which allows for a fire lane around the unit and must not obstruct other Tenants, mail delivery, garbage pick-up, etc. Tenants or their guests are not to block shared driveways, even momentarily, for any reason whatsoever. No parking on grass or areas other than designated parking areas. Illegally parked cars will be towed at vehicle owners’ expense.

Rule 4 Vehicle Storage: Only vehicles listed on the lease agreement or rental application which are in operable condition and used as a primary means of transportation may be parked on the premises. Tenants may not store vehicles of any kind on the premises, even temporarily. Tenants may not store non-working vehicles or auto parts on the premises. This includes ATV’s and motorcycles. Snow tires are accepted.

Rule 5 Outdoor Storage: Decks and porches are to be kept free of trash and debris. Decks and porches may not be used as storage areas. Only furniture designed for outdoor use as patio furniture may be kept on porches or decks. 10

Rule 6 Trash/Recycling: Recycling is highly recommended. Household trash and/or recyclable materials are to be disposed of in receptacles provided by trash and/or recycling company or by the owner. Tenants, including all household members and guests, agree not to litter on the property. Tenants must immediately dispose of any junk, discarded furniture or household items, auto parts, tires, batteries, etc. at proper disposal facilities, and not in trash receptacles.

Rule 7 Alterations: Alterations to property, including paint and mounting of exterior antennas, must have prior written approval of Management.